Frequently asked Questions

What are FursuitGlasses?

FursuitGlasses are oversized glasses make to fit most fursuits! The glasses are 3D printed in house and feature magnetic attachment points for lenses unless otherwise stated. The lenses are laser cut out of 3mm acrylic and come in a variety of colors. Simply push out the lenses and you can swap between many colors in a snap! Every pair of glasses comes with an elastic strap to keep them on your fursuit head. is a great addition to any furry conventions Dealers Den. Our variety of products as well as unique concept makes us an instant hit within the dealers room. Every convention the fursuiters start as their ordinary selves, but by Sunday everyone seems to have bought a pair of glasses. It's a transformation that never goes unnoticed

What are they made of?

We offer 3 different types/”levels” of FursuitGlasses.

3D Printed Glasses
Made of PETG. Theses are a great cheap option for those who need basic glasses.
Acrylic Glasses
A more stylish option for those more serious about their appeal
Wooden Glasses
Made of veneer MDF and plywood.

How do the lenses work?

Most pairs of glasses feature magnetic attachment points. Customers can buy optional acrylic lenses that snap into place without the use of tools. Lenses come in a large variety of colors.

Your lenses will come with a protective layer to keep them scratch free in shipping. Make sure to peel this off before use.

Will they fit my fursuit?

All hinges on FursuitGlasses hyper-extend outwards allowing them to fit the vast majority of fursuit heads. Every pair included an elastic strap to keep them on the head, regardless of where their ears may be


Our glasses are 3D printed and/or Laser cut in our studio and shipped to you. Were no middlemen, we are the manufacturer.

Custom Glasses

Every once in a while we will open for custom commissions. Please follow our social media for these openings.

Terms of Service


Glasses may be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us so we can process your return. Payment will be sent once glasses have arrived back to us.

Custom parts (Arm text, Lens engraving, ect.) Will not be refunded.

Shipping Policy (short version)

We attempt to ship glasses in a timely manner, but we cannot guarantee shipment times, we are not amazon.

The speed of you getting your glasses depends on what you order. Simple orders, such as black frames and clear lenses, will be fulfilled quickly because we keep stock of those glasses for upcoming conventions. Colored glasses and lenses will take extra time to process due to many of them being made-to-order.

Once you receive a shipping notification, the package is out of our hands. Please keep close attention to the tracking number (if provided) to see your order progress. If you believe your order was lost, please contact us. We will either send out another package for you, or refund the order.

My glasses broke :(

If your glasses have broken, please get into contact with us.
If your order is within 3 months, we may send you a replacement pair of glasses, just pay for shipping.

You will be asked to provide proof of broken glasses. Scratches are not eligible for replacement.

What is "Simple Export" Shipping?

We use to create shipping labels for our customers. Using their service, we can let them handle our international shipments. This service commonly uses USPS to fulfill items.

Can I make my own glasses?


You are welcome to create your own glasses if we don't have what you are looking for. When making your own glasses, avoid recreating our designs. While we don't claim to own the concept of glasses, our designs are unique enough to be distinguished from others. Avoid tracing our shapes.