Ditch the toys, get a proper pair of glasses for your fursuit

Our glasses are designed by furries, for furries.
The glasses are 3D printed, with magnetic interchangeable lenses making them change with a snap!

Magnetic Lenses

Laser cut out of 3mm thick acrylic, these durable lenses come in a variety of colors and clip into the frames with neodymium magnets. These strong magnets help keep the lenses secured. They can be exchanged in a literal snap, even wearing paws.

Real Folding Hinges

Unlike other options, these glasses feature real hinges that easily fold for storage. The hinges are designed to hyper extend outward, allowing them to fit most fursuit heads.

Elastic Strap

An included adjustable elastic strap helps keep the glasses on the fursuit head. With them properly set, you can move and dance without a worry of them falling off.