Glasses Types

  • Plastic Glasses

    Basic, but gets the job done!

    These Glasses come in a variety of colors and are 3D printed out of PLA or PETG Plastic. 3D printed glasses are cheaper, but still provide the quality glasses you expect from

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  • Acrylic Glasses

    Sterdy, made to last!

    These glasses are two sheets of laser cut acrylic gluded togeather for a sterdy stylish look. These glasses come in a variety of colors not possible with just 3D printing such as mirror and clear glasses.

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  • Wooden Glasses

    Top of the line!

    These glasses are just like the acrylic glasses, but made of laser cut wood. The front of the glasses are walnut veneer MDF, backed by plywood. Quality glasses for those who like to show their style.

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More about the glasses styles

Plastic Glasses (PLA/PETG)

Plastic glasses are your entry level glasses for a fursuit. They are 3D printed out of either PLA or PETG plastic.

PLA plastic is a material that is easier and cleaner to print, but will not stand very high temperatures. Everyday use will be perfectly fine, but in areas with higher than average temperatures, they may suffer from warping issues. While PLA will not handle high temperatues, the plastic is available in more colors than PETG.

PETG is another 3D printing plastic that is a middle ground between PLA's ease of printing and ABS's heat resistance. PETG is printed using the same process as PLA, but requires higher temperatures and a special buildplate. Due to this, PETG glasses will have a textured face compared to PLA's smooth shiny face. PETG however can withstand much higher temperatures before warping. These are ideal for weather in hotter climates. While more heat resistant, it is not avaialble in may colors. Black and While are the only stocked PETG colors as of now.

Acrylic Glasses

Acrylic glasses are a step up in accessories for your fursuit. While plastic glasses are more than functional, acrylic glasses are made to last.

The acrylic glasses are made of two 1/8" (3mm) acrylic sheets glued togeather to form a sterdy 1/4" (6mm) pair of glasses.
Acrylic is not only sterdier, but gives options simply not possible with 3D printing. This includes glasses which are clear or reflective like a mirror. Additionally acrylic is heat resistant enough you should never be worried about warping.

Acrylic glasses do not come in as many colors as the plastic glasses. While acrylic comes in a wide variety of colors, many are more translucent than opaque, allowing the magnet mounts to show through the front of the glasses. This means you will have a blury dark spot visible throught the glasses, which is not up to our standards of quality. If this is something you don't mind being visible in your glasses or want more information about other acrylic colors available, please contact us.

Wooden Glasses

Wooden glasses are the most stylish glasses around. Build just like acrylic glasses, using two pieces of material glued togeather, they are made of wooden sheets instead of acrylic sheets. The front facing sheet of wood is a high-quality walnut veneer MDF, while the back is a sterdy plywood.

While the wooden glasses do not have as much variety as the other styles, they are sure to stand out and make an impression.

Wooden glasses are heat resistant just like acrylic glasses and warping shouldn't be an issue.

If you like to fursuit in style, these are the glasses for you!


  • Front Plates

    Front plates are a simple and fun way to customize your FursuitGlasses.

    They are laser cut out of flexible 1/16" acrylic and magnetically snap onto the front of the glasses.

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  • Engraving

    Personalize your FursuitGlasses with some engraving.

    Engraving allows you to add permanent text to your glasses.

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  • Fursona Pin

    Official Pin of our mascot Rocky.

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