Frequently asked Questions

What are FursuitGlasses?
FursuitGlasses are oversized glasses make to fit most fursuits! The glasses are 3D printed in house and feature magnetic attachment points for lenses. The lenses are laser cut out of 3mm acrylic and come in a variety of colors. Simply push out the lenses and you can swap between many colors in a snap!
Every pair of FursuitGlasses comes with an elastic strap to keep them on your fursuit head.

Shipping Policy?
Shipping times for the glasses you order can depend on what you order. A simple order (black frames with clear lenses) can usually be shipped within a day or two, while more complex order may take up to a week. Lenses that are not clear, shaded or amber are cut to order and subject to longer fulfillment times.

What is “Simple Export” shipping?
Simple export shipping is for international orders. Using this service is cheaper, but will be subjected to customs by, our shipping label provider.

My lenses aren't transparent...
Yes they are! Simply push them out of the frames (their magnetic) and peel of the protective paper/film. This ensures they aren't scratched in shipping.

Returns are always accepted without question. If your glasses broke in transit or within a month of purchase, please message us for replacements or a refund (You will need to provide proof of the broken glasses).

Can I tag you in photos?
Absolutely! We are active on Instagram and Twitter, @FursuitGlasses. We are happy to retweet/repost your photos with our glasses!

What 3D printer/Laser cutter do you have?
2x: CR-10S V2
1x: Ender 3 S1
K40 Laser cutter

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