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What are FursuitGlasses?
FursuitGlasses are oversized glasses make to fit most fursuits! The glasses are 3D printed in house and feature magnetic attachment points for lenses unless otherwise stated. The lenses are laser cut out of 3mm acrylic and come in a variety of colors. Simply push out the lenses and you can swap between many colors in a snap!
Every pair of FursuitGlasses comes with an elastic strap to keep them on your fursuit head. is a great addition to any furry conventions Dealers Den. Our variety of products as well as unique concept makes us an instant hit within the dealers room. Every convention the fursuiters start as their ordinary selves, but by Sunday everyone seems to have bought a pair of glasses. It's a transformation that never goes unnoticed

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BRFF 2022
AnthroCon 2022
MegaPlex 2022
FurPoc 2022

AnthroCon 2023
Denfur 2023
MegaPlex 2023
FurPoc 2023