Custom Commissions


Once you send the form, we will get back to you to further discuss the project. At least half the quote cost must be covered before any CAD drawing is started.

Once CAD drawings are approved by customer and quote is paid in full, glasses will be added to queue for manufacturing.

Custom glasses designs may be sold as a product on after your commission is completed

Hate symbols/speech will not be tolerated and will be rejected

Commission may be rejected for any reason

“quote” refers to the cost of producing the intended work. Receiving a quote has no monetary value until agreed upon both the company and buyer. Filling out this form is not a contract, nor confirms your placement in our queue.


These are not guaranteed prices, just general idea of what your quote may be

Fully custom glasses (not a modification of existing frames) quotations will start at a base cost of $60 USD. Price will be determined based on the complexity of your project. Complicated shape designs, multiple colors and any extra labor will be added to the base cost.

Size modification of glasses will keep the same shape of existing glasses, but will be scaled to fit your suit. This is a great option for heads that are larger/smaller than the typical fursuit head. Starts at $35 USD.


Custom arm text: +$10 (Text that is not “Fursuit Glasses”)

No engraving: $9.99pair
Engraving: $19.99/pair

Non-Standard frame colors: +$25

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